Early HeadStart

  • The New Building for EHS
    The New Building for EHS
  • Inside of New Building for Early Head Start
    Inside of New Building for Early Head Start
  • Clean Classrooms
    Clean Classrooms
  • PlayGround
  • Wellness Tools
    Wellness Tools

Our Mission at the Pinoleville Native American Early Head Start Program
is to be the pathway to cultural preservation and a place for all to grow

By their last year in Early Head Start, the children will be ready to transition to the Head Start and will be able to do the following:

♦  Comfort self by seeking out special object or person

♦  Accept redirection from adults

♦  Seek to do things for self

♦  Play with one or two preferred playmates

♦  Experiment with different ways of moving

♦  Identify familiar people, animals, and other objects when prompted

♦  Use creativity and imagination during play and routines tasks

♦  Verbally count to 10; count up to five objects accurately, using one number name for each object

♦  Recognize and name a few numerals

♦  Orient book correctly, and recognize familiar books by their covers

♦  Match similar objects

Early Head Start Teachers